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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the latest. >> temperatures overnight just not falling back a whole lot starting the day in the upper 70s now into the 80s as you mentioned, possibility of record high temperatures late this afternoon highs upper 90s believe it or not, 100 would not be impossible. big area of high pressure across the region. a look at numbers and, combination of heat and humidity out there, right now, the actual temperature is in the low to mid-80s. regan national, 83. we will update momentarily. a lot of humidity out there as well dew point temperatures running low 70s that combination, not a great one because of that, we have a heat advisory, which goes -- has been made in effect overnight and will remain in effect today through 10:00 p.m. tonight and the combination of actual air temperature near 100 and humidity will make it feel like 105 plus so of course take all necessary precautions lots of water try to remain out of the direct sunlight later this afternoon heat will be dangerous for another day or
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so. your forecast high 99 washington 100 fredericksburg, cooler by the bay, 94 annapolis, relief on the 5 day just in time for the weekendly have that for you in a couple minutes back to you upstairs. >> thank you very much. the whole eastern see board is bracing for another -- sea board is bracing for another scorcher temperatures will likely push the triple digit mark. metro will let passengers carry water on buses and trains they just ask that you keep a tight lid on that. several city pools will have extended hours for more check out our website when we bake in the sun, while we bake in the sun parts of the midwest are under water. lack at this also under a state of emergency. today the governor of minnesota will tour flood ravaged duluth. up to 10 inches of rain fell there yesterday, washing out roads and forcing evacuations. the high water also drowned
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about a dozen zoo animals. >> incredible. >> our other big story, the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case is winding down. >> defense rested its case yesterday, now the jury will hear closing arguments after only two weeks of testimony. sarah simmons rejoins us now live with what to expect in that court in pennsylvania. well, the jury is a step closer to getting the child sex abuse case against the former penn state assistant football coach. 50 witnesses testified in the case including 8 of the known accusers in the end sandusky did not take the stand. jerry sandusky 's defense attorney hinted his client would testify on his own behalf but changed at the last minute. he is charged with 51 criminal counts, many describe the alleged abuse in graphic detail, in testimony last week.
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the defense suggested the stories were coerced by over zealous investigators one victim's attorney suggested had sandusky taken the stand it would have given him the opportunity to tell his side of the story. >> the only person who could have come forward, and said, this didn't happen, in this particular case under these circumstances, was mr. sandusky. and he chose not to do it. >> a fox news judicial analyst says sandusky's decision was a calculated move. >> that the lawyers for mr. sandusky knew he couldn't risk the dangers of cross- examination. also means they probably had a mock cross-examination session and that he failed it miserably. >> he goes on to say prosecution laid out a strong case against sandusky. >> now the jury is expected to begin deliberating later this afternoon and will be sequestered if found guilty sandusky could spend the rest of his life in prison tony.
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>> thank you very much. in other news the full house could vote next week on whether to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress but top republicans say they are still open to negotiations. yesterday, a house committee voted along party lines to hold the head of the justice department in contempt the white house used executive privilege to block lawmakers from seeing some documents, related to a federal gun smuggling scheme that went awry. >> months after subpoena, and clearly after the question of executive privilege could have and should have been asserted, this untimely assertion by the justice department, falls short of any reason to delay today's proceedings. >> i must say mr. chairman, i am offended, personally, by your calling the attorney general a liar. >> democrats insist the justice
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department has provided many of the key documents. u.s. supreme court could rule on the president's health care overhaul law as soon as today but most experts expect the high courts opinion next week justices are also preparing to render judgment on the constitutionality of arizona's tough immigration law. meanwhile president obama is turning his attention to student loans, today he is going to use a white house speech to call on congress to freeze the current interest rates before leaving for break next week lawmakers fail to act the current rate would double starting july 1st. romney face as latino group today he is taking his message on the economy directly to hispanic leaders. he will face a large gathering of influential hispanic lawmakers in orlando. his noon speech to the group is his first since immigration was thrust into the presidential
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contest. another set back in the effort to bring a vegas style casino to prince georges county. >> work group formed by governor o'malley couldn't form a consensus. lauren demarco is live at the national hear bow good morning. >> reporter: good morning will. it was just last week national harbour announced the agreement with mgm to work on a high profile casino here in prince georges county now it appear that is is all off the table. the group consisting of lawmakeradvisers to governor o'malley and failure to reach consensus means there will be no special session july 9th the group was deciding whether to allow table games at the five existing casinowhether to bring a new casino to prince georges county. three members of the house of delegates are concerned about a part of the plan that would allow owners to keep a larger share of the slots profits than
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they currently can under existing law. there was also concern, state's five existing casinos should be allowed more time to be up and running without introducing any major competition the gambling plans in maryland require legislative and voter approval if there is no movement this year the next opportunity would be 2014 now a spokesperson for governor o'malley said special session is not out of the question, the governor reserves the right the call a special session on this issue or any other important issues involving the state. prince georges county executive baker says there is still time for them to come to an agreement and not leave the 4,000 jobs and over $200 million in additional revenue for maryland education trust fund on the table. according to the washington post while it is still possible for the governor to introduce another special session it is unlikely his aids say, that it will be difficult to do so without reason to believe they would come to a different
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conclusion than they did yesterday. so that is the latest from national harbour, will back to you in studio. >> thanks for the update. faculty shake up university of virginia might not be over just yet. according to school officials speaking to the washington post, people are working to reinstate theresa sullivan as president of the school. sullivan was forced to resign a couple weeks ago, the post says sullivan has told her supporters on the uva board, she would like her job back if the board director resigns she spear headed the effort to get rid of sullivan saying shellacked clear vision for the future of the university. >> new fall out in the trayvon martin case the police chief in sanford florida has been fired former chief bill lee terminated yesterday received backlash for his offices refusele to arrest george zimmerman immediately following trayvon martin's death in february. city officials say they let lee go because the police chief needs to be trusted and
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respected, by the entire community. meantime, we are now hearing 911 calls made by trayvon martin's father the night he was shot. >> okay. you said it was your son missing. >> yes. >> and you said how long has he been missing for? >> since last night. >> how old is your son? >> he is 17. >> at the time of this call tracy martin did not know his son had already been shot by george zimmerman. zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder and due in court for another bond hearing next week. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, alex baldwin opens up, and he also unzips on the late show we will tell you why what was going on there, and we will tell you what he had to say about his recent run in with a photographer. >> he has had in problems. >> coming your way big news for the bcs compromise that could
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mean a playoff for college football. >> first lighting up the phone booth, why the observer of the -- why the owner to have washington capitalwizards wants to make china town more like times square stay with us  [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work.
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because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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>> making headline a local soldier killed in action in afghanistan will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. u.s. army chief warrant officer john prat died last month when the helicopter he was riding in crashed near kabul the 51-year- old was a native of springfield virginia. the owner of three of washington's biggest sports franchises wants to light up china town. yesterday, the owner of the wizards mystics and capitalverizon center asked the dc council for permission to install as many as nine digital billboards on the facade of his arena. he said the signs will raise money for both the city and his
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teams. but some neighbors are not happy about the plan joining us now live with more on the plan is randall bow executive vice president of monomental sports and entertainment the group that owns verizon center. you all had the big meeting yesterday, talking to the city council. first let me ask you how you thing things went? >> well, i think things went pretty well. we knew that not everyone was going to be in favour of it but a lot of people are in favour of it a lot of local businesses, a lot of local neighbourhood groups are in favour of it. i think it went well for us. >> those who haven't been following the story closely explain what it is you want to do >> first thing i want to say, is we are not making -- trying to make china town look like times square. >> i thought we probably should not have said that. >> that is okay but it is a common misconception there are signs on the verizon center and have been for a number of years
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we would like to preplace the old technology and the big -- replace the old technology and the big vinyl wall hangings with more digital signs, they will attract less illumination and more in keeping with the design of the building we thing it will improve attractiveness of the building and make the neighbourhood more vibrant. >> and bottom line here is money all about advertising dollars >> absolutely we plow the money we make into the sports teams. >> how much do you think would be generated by the signs? >> our estimates are somewhere between 5 and $7 million a year. >> okay and you also say that the city will make some money from taxes. how does that work? >> well, we pay taxes to the city we have a special franchise tax we pay to the city. >> the more money you make the more taxes you pay. >> we are partner s with the city. >> let's show a little bit from yesterday i want to show a clip
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from tom bower, president of dupont circle conservancy they are not as enthused. >> we are saying it will only make more visual clutter there will be nothing to stop the owner of other buildings, with flat walls elsewhere in the district from seeking to take advantage of this option. >> saying, it will make things more cluttered there, won't be attractive and kind of opens the doors to other businesses trying to do this across town what do you say to that? >> obviously rerespect views of people like mr. bowers who have done a lot to make the city an attractive, livable place but two things one we thing it will make the building more attractive and eliminate some visual clutter that is there now and as i mentioned it will generate less illumination. the second thing i have heard this a lot slippery slope if you let verizon center do it you have to let everyone do it i don't think that is the case. it is relatively easy to make a distinction for a professional
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sports arena in the heart of the sports and entertainment district. >> are you trying to get special permission to get this done or are you going through the same process everyone else will have to go through. >> going through the process everyone could go through but we are making the case we thing verizon center is a one of a kind asset this is not the same thing as saying every office buildingk street can put digital signs up or people in residential neighbourhoods can put signs up verizon center which brings 2.5 million people to china town neighbourhood every year is a one of a kind asset, it is the anchor of the sports and entertainment district already has signage but it is in keeping from the neighbourhood. >> you are asking for nine signs could you do it with six? >> well, legislation gives us the opportunity to seek up to nine permits we haven't yet made final determinations we may end up putting up fewer than nine but we would like to get all nine.
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>> all right we will continue to watch this and see how it develops thank you for coming in. >> thank you >> will back the you. stay being sports, lebron james will try to win his first championship tonight when the heat take on the thunder inner game 5 of the nba finals right now, the heat lead 3-1. >> gnatrays meet for the rubber match tonight in their 3 game series in washington. dc 9 took game two last night behind a dominant performance from pitcher strausberg final score 3-2. there could soon be a new college football playoff system in place for the 2014 season. bcs commissioners have to come to a consensus on a 14 seeded playoff teams would be selected by committees that would select criterias such as conference championships and strength by schedule the two games would be played within the existing bcs games on an existing basis.
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it would be offered to the existing city. they will discuss the plan in dc come next week. 9:18 a.m., prince william turns the big 3-0 and wait until you hear what he is getting for his birthday. we would all like this one. an elderly woman bullied on a school bus, video went viral you can hear her crying the kids just tormenting her now she is getting the gift of a lifetime holly. >> reporter: good morning will my runners are back, they are still active because we are live in georgetown this morning which is one active neighbourhood, and celebrating all that, tonight with the first annual georgetown dash. we will tell you all about that, plus a wonderful fashion show from lululemon live later on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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>> an elderly woman whose bullying on a school bus became ava real video garnered -- viral video garnered sympathy and support of thousands of people. >> students near rochester new york, verbally abused and taunted bus monitor karen klein throughout the 10 minute video she tries to ignore insults and threats which target her looks weight and family you can even hear her crying during part of this, klein never filed a complaint since the video hit the web school officials launched an investigation. meanwhile an international donation site has raised more than $95,000 for the grand moth tore send her on vacation. i just wanted to punch them is what i wanted to do. so that is why i stayed laid back and just tried to ignore it. because i really wanted to hurt them. you know, you can't do that.
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>> well, boy you can't blame her $95,000 that is going to be a heck of a vacation. four seasons here she comes. the school district has questioned students on the bus but not taken disciplinary action. still ahead during our 9:30 a.m. hour, putting your smart phone to good use. >> controversial new study every mom to be needs to hear what new research says about alcohol and pregnancy. >> a birthday fit for a future king. 9:24 a.m. we will be right back 
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>> prince william celebrating a big birthday today the duke of cambridge turns 30. >> he is expected to celebrate the milestone with his wife katherine and some of their friends and now he is the big 30, guess what prince william
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inherits $14 million from his mom's estate. late princess diana left the bulk of her estates to her sons but they have to be 30 before it is handed over. quite a gift. bitter sweet you would agree. >> yes. let's go to tucker barnes now he is trying to keep cool, so he has gone outside. that doesn't make sense. >> he left ac the question is what do you do when you are outside to stay cool any idea? >> reporter: you got to get as close to a source of water as you can that will be the secret later today we have a surprise coming up. more in just a second. stepping outside, not bad beautiful looking day, a lot of blue sky bright sunshine across the area, into the afternoon, meet up here shortly, 100 later this afternoon lots of water heat advisory, talk about that in just a second. temperatures, and now we are up to 87 degrees, 87, regan national, didn't really get a chance to cool off a lot overnight overnight lows upper
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70s. 88 frederick friends in the mountains out west, cumberland, 75 degrees and i just want to mention, if you need relief get close to the western shores to have bay it will be cooler there today annapolis 85 degrees. here is your heat advisory we will do it again, still in effect from yesterday, in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight and it is all about the heat and humidity, so combined the temperature will feel like 100 to 105 later today. and that is why we have heat advisory in effect, for later this afternoon. quick look at the satellite radar, not a whole lot to show you very quiet across the mid- atlantic, big dome of high pressure will keep us nice and dry, no relief in the form of thunderstorms tomorrow notice well out north and west satellite radar, out towards chicago, see showerclouds that is our next cold front the good new that is will get in tomorrow and cool us down with less humidity for the weekend. forecast gets better from here, here is your 5 day forecast, near 100 later today, we will
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see if we hit a record with our record being 98. we will do a degree or two later today, then storms late tomorrow afternoon cooler weather on the way for the weekend highs upper 80s. all right will and tony, you asked why we are out hire i have a special guest -- out here i have a special guest. >> water balloon here you know guys how we need to stay cool outside and how people always say we pick on tucker? well, we are going the pick on each other with a friendly balloon toss competition. >> just the way you are throwing those up and down i am worried this could get ugly. >> it is on. >> tucker just aim low that is all we ask aim low. >> thank you both. we have mixed news from a new study about hiv and aids rates in the district. the disseize remains at --
9:31 am
disease remains at open domic levels and the -- epidemic levels and the rate of infection among poor african american women has increased the number of deaths has dropped by half, the mayor says dc has gotten better at offering immediate treatment, to people who seek help instead of making them wait to see a doctor. new study finds children of women who drank moderately while pregnant have no damaging effects. researchers in denmark tested the 5-year-olds of more than 1600 women and their iqs. attention span and other cognitive functions were normal. in smart phone zone safeway is the latest grocery chain to come out with a smart phone ap. >> it doesn't cost but could save you cash. lauren has the closer look how it works. >> reporter: safeway shoppers
9:32 am
may notice some workers stationed throughout your local store for the next few weeks spreading the word about a brand new mobile ap >> it is very innovative technology kind of break through no body has anything quite like it. >> reporter: steve is the eastern division president safeway's new ap aims to save you time and money. >> you can save 10 to 20% on top of what you are already saving when you use your club card. >> reporter: three categories, the weekly ads, alert you to instore sales on items you typically purchase, and the coupon center, lists coupons currently vailable from all newspapers and circulars. >> let's just say save $2 on sun drop soda click add to your card now you know longer have to clip the coupon. >> but perhaps the best feature, is the just for you, personal savings. i often shop at safeway and i had 33 special offers. >> personalized for you based
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on shopping history you have a lot of fresh produce items on your list. >> healthy. >> there you go let's walk over to apples and take a look over there. and you know the first thing i notice our price right now this week is $2.29 on gala apples you will get them for 89ยข. >> take a look at that. >> less than half price of what our price is this week. >> so you can see how quickly -- >> these are only for me not for you you need to start eating more produce. >> i know >> safeway is looking into another ap that would encourage healthy eating we could see that in future but this one understands that everyone has their weaknesses. >> and ben and gerry's. >> it is true. >> very good. >> you have good taste any way. >> all right so 2.50. >> personalized offer of $2.50 right now it is $3.49 you are saving $1 um get it for that if you buy three or more but for you you can buy it for just one
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you add it to your cart. >> yeah, i do. >> it is free for iphone and android users takes a few seconds to link to your club card and you will see your savings at check out. >> lauren demarco, several other grocery chains have aps as well, wegmanns allows you to search recipes, products and order prescription refills on giant foods access circular ads and use the pea pod service that delivers your grocerys to your house. and whole foods has two, one for recipes and also, whole food missions which has tips and guides to healthy eating we will post all the links easy for you good stuff. >> yeah. >> very helpful. >> coming up keeping your plants healthy when the mercury sores our garden expert joins us live. i will find out how green my thumb is. go out with sarah. >> aleck baldwin unsensorred
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what he had to say to david letterman about his recent run in with a photographer. we will be right back time 9:34 a.m. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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cracking open the bud bin days after aleck baldwin had a con franation with photographer -- confrontation with a photographer he is trying to set the record straight. >> baldwin explained this was not his first run in with the foe fog are fehr he explained what may have -- photographer he explained what may have happened. >> if i punched him, we would both be in if jail cell together because i would have pressed charges for assault. >> check this out, the two stars had a good time together as you can see before talking
9:39 am
about baldwin's paparazzi drama, there it goes they decided to take off their pants baldwin showing the audience and letterman he lost weight and letterman he will stand up and do the same. he wanted to join in we will just leave it with alex. >> he does look good. >> yeah, he had put on considerable weight >> his fiance is a yoga enstructure she is working him out in at least one way with yoga. >> okay. >> reading rainbow is now available as an ipad ap. it shut down years ago. anyone missing the series, can now see hundreds of books from the best children's publishers. it lets users tap colorful illustrations to animate them and plays music has games for kids as well it is free to download the ap but there is a fee for the subscription. >> very good >> making me read a story after that. >> hole it together.
9:40 am
>> why the heat and humidity does not have to mean dead plants, derek thomas joins us live. first, a sneak peek at a special scavenger hunt holly morris joins us live next with all the details. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair...
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it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. welcome back. the sweltering heat does not have to mean your plants have to die and get brown. we have help for you derek thomas with thomas landscapes is here how are you. >> good. >> wearing the green perfect. >> wearing green you know you got to lighten it up. >> all right, tell us what we need to know so that our plants don't die in heat like this. >> first of all one of the most important things make sure you have planted your plants where
9:44 am
they like, plants have certain zones they like, plants like this hydrangea will do really well in the shade, where as if you need to pop it up a bit in the sun using a plant like exfascia or this tropical one will last all summer long in the sun in the blazing sun >> these are plants that really like it. >> really like it but if you put this hydrangea in full sun and it is wilting i have gotten hits on the website, what is wrong with my high dania this week it is in the -- hydrangea this week it is in the wrong position. this dusty miller is very drought tolerant but if you just planted this plant recently, it has not established a root system what is going on you will have to give it extra water you normally wouldn't if the plant starts the droop like this one don't hesitate to waterer plant. a lot of people thing they can't water their plants in the
9:45 am
evening because of fungus but if you have gone all day and haven't watered the plant get water on it at night. >> let's talk wind to water i think a lot of us have this concept in really severe heat you don't want to water it in middle of the day you are almost sizzling your lawns plants. >> night time is okay and in the middle of the day if you have a plant like this. this plant will recover now, if you don't water it in the middle of the heat of today because you thing that it is going to do it harm it is going to do it more harm because the plant will actually have cellular damage. the other thing to know when i say right plant right place these are both begonias if you go to the garden center, this begonia likes shade it will only do well in shade this begone you is an old fashioned wax bei don't know yeah this will do well in -- begonia, this will do well in sun or shade.
9:46 am
know the plant. if you are going away a lot and don't have an irrigation system go with plants like what you see over here, agave, seedham and even herbs, lavender, sorry rosemary, mint and even lavender will do well in a drought. >> you would agree some times you have the plants you have they are already planted and these are obviously great ideas what would you tell folks heading out of town for vacation, can you over water. >> no, you can't over water but what you can do, is put an extra layer of mulch on that plant because what that is going to do is help retain moisture, another great trick that you can use, you can recycle the bags, put the bag around the plant like that. >> water it before. >> and water it before, put the bag there a little bit of mulch on top of that and water that in that will retain the moisture, for several days longer, than it normally would. >> you know your neighbor is on
9:47 am
vacation if they have paper bags all over their plants. i actually heard this is a phenomena where the barks of trees with scald and you can paint them light colored bark. >> unless you are using and i wouldn't use any paint on the bark that is something we used the paint trees when we would cut them i would not use any you see it a lot in the tropics they will paint the white paint around the bark i would not do that because the bark is where the tree breathes and most of the time, what will happen with your trees if they get too hot even, like some of the trees that will really do it, is like crepe myrtle and also your american sycamores they will shed their bark to get more oxygen. >> tell us one more time these plants that love the sun just so people can hear it one more time hydrangea depending where you plant them. >> hydrangea's depending where you plant them can be resilient
9:48 am
to the heat, exfascia, your wax beowen yeahs, this plant is dusty miller now dusty miller once established will be very drought tolerant. you've got agave, seedham, mint, lavender and rosemary. >> you know we just learned from andre wells in our last hour you combine rosemary, and mint in lemonade. >> it is wonderful. >> sounds good my last thinghydrangea happens to be my favorite i usually see them planted along homes and around perimeter i guess because it gets shade and direct sun. >> good balance for them and also , what is going to happen, is you will get bluer hydrangea's if planted against the foundation because you have more lyme. >> tony back to you. >> great stuff thank you. the day we are learning more about the first annual georgetown dash event taking place later this afternoon the exciting scavenger hunt style event benefit as wonderful
9:49 am
organization calls girls on the run dc. our holly morris is out there live with a preview. >> reporter: hey, tony and the good news is, that the actual event, it is one where you need to be active and you are going to be checking your fitness level, but it is not going to happen through the heat of the day it will be an evening event here in georgetown so it will be after the sun goes down. that is good none the less bring your water stay hydrated, tonight, it is the first annual georgetown run it is part of them kicking off summer here in georgetown, and the best news of all about this whole thing is that it benefits a wonderful cause called girls on the run dc i have two girls on the run. i have two standing still right here this morning they are happy they are standing still. betsy love joy is with the organization and fern is one of the young girls on the run. let's start with you for people not familiar with the organization what are you about. >> it is a program that works with girls ages 8 to 13 here in the district we are working in all 8 wards and we try to
9:50 am
promote healthy living and self- confidence through running. >> how do you do that? how can running be a tool for such important lessons. >> well, we work over a 12 week season and have teams of 15 girls work with volunteer coaches during the lessons they are doing their running practice but they are learning critical social developmental issues that face young girls today. all about promoting self-esteem and confidence. >> fern what have you done the program? >> i was a girl on the run i am a girl on the run and what we do it is not all about running like half of our like hour is like we have a lesson about like confidence, team work. >> did you like actual running part? do you like the run? >> yeah. >> do you run and fall and break your arm? >> no. i fell off the monkey bars.
9:51 am
>> oh but you are active see you've got an active lifestyle that is what this is about. >> yeah. >> how much does it help to have an event like this. >> this is a huge thing for us because not only does it help build awareness about our program, but because we are in all eight wards of the district 60% of our girls are on scholarship, in order to participate in the program so us being a beneficiary of this event is extremely helpful it will help support one full team. >> we are the smart girls because we are standing here conserving energy but look at this group running our way as we speak does this not look like a catalogue shoot look at this group of people. all these people are from lululemon here in georgetown one thing about the georgetown dash it is benefiting the 20 plus merchants, they sell physical fitness wear here in georgetown look at that, it is like armageddon all walking in unison out of the movie trailer they have been super fun here
9:52 am
this morning and we are giving them water because they have been active i want them to stay active good morning rachel. >> good morning. >> we want to talk a lot about dressing appropriate when working out in this hot weather. >> one of this things you can control with this humidity you want to make sure your clothes are working as hard as you are with lululemon and our technical run line all our clothes are moisture wicking breathable light weight fabric that allow you to move and get the most out of your run. >> can you guys strike a catalogue pose i love these people. i love this shirt in particular because you know you won't ever get the sweety under arm thing there are no under arms. >> no, there is not. really light weight and the coolest thing about this shirt and the one emma is wearing it has upf kind of person outdoors
9:53 am
protecting their skin it is great. >> what are you guys doing tonight. >> oh, so we are actually one of the destinations. i don't know can we say what we are doing. >> if you watch fox 5 morning news you just found out a destination. clue for you. >> sorry. >> but yeah obviously we are a yoga inspired company, incorporating yoga moves. >> give me your best yoga moves. >> i like tree. >> let's be balanced as we wrap this all up our website we have a link, to georgetown dash, it is teams of four, you can still sign up for a team do it by noon today the actual event is noon tonight, have a good time celebrate the active neighbourhood that is georgetown and celebrate girls on the run dc. more fox 5 mowhen we come back stay with us >> guys are wonderful look at you
9:54 am
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9:57 am
today we say good morning to kathy chapman and her team of volunteers at the hyatt regency today they will head into the heat to build two homes for habitat for humanity for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day leave a comment right under kathy's picture. boy it is loud out here. >> yeah, there is always a lot going on when we come out >> brought to you by bricklayers usa. >> tucker and sarah are out here. you have figured out a way to keep cool. >> it is a little water balloon fight. >> water balloon fight. >> a little game we played as a kid, tossing it back and forth until they break. >> let's see get into position guys. >> you haven't changed clothes. >> so see this is easy. >> so the idea is to keep
9:58 am
throwing it and spread further apart. >> i got you. >> someone is going to get nailed this will be ugly. >> oh, tucker. down. >> one for sarah. >> that is not cool at all >> i did not do that on purpose. >> come on. >> oh,. >> 1-1. >> i think our producer did this on purpose. rigged our balloons. >> they are too full. >> tucker aim lower. >> tucker just do what you are doing. >> oh, >> chef wow. >> 2-1. >> this is getting more and more fun. >> this may be continued online and not on tv. >> okay so wait, what are you at 2? >> come on we have a little
9:59 am
time catch it sarah. sarah. >> now we are even. >> tucker turn around. >> my gosh >> did you bring a change of clothes. >> no, i was not prepared for this. >> we do have towels standing by. >> time for one more? >> time for another one? >> about a minute tucker. >> we have a minute. >> all right. >> we are even now on this. >> tossing not throwing. >> oh, yes. >> i don't understand why these guys didn't have to do this >> as we are watching the fun this is a fun way the keep cool potentially dangerous heat today you want to stay hydrated. >> oh, no, tucker. >> are you kidding me? >> oh, my gosh. >> don't you dare


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